Hostel Facilities
: Separate Hostel facility available for Boys & Girls

Library: Available with over 250 seating capacity  with rooms for necessary amenities

Digital Library: Available along with Internet facility.


Mobile Dental Clinic: The Institute provides oral health camps and awareness programmes in and around the District of Visakhapatnam by using Mobile Dental Van.

Stores: Main stores is provided for all purchases and is maintained by a store keeper and an assistant store keeper. In addition, each department has a sub-store and is maintained by an assistant.

Workshop: A Central work shop is provided and so also an exclusive dental maintenance department that is managed by trained Dental Technicians and caters to the needs of the institute.

Facilities for Students: Play grounds: Areas for Foot ball, Cricket, Volley ball and Tennisl are available. In addition, indoor game facilities are provided in the respective hostels.

Gymnasium facilities are also provided. The facilities are maintained by a qualified Physical instructor and assisted by other staff.

Hostel facilities: Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls are available within the campus, which are supervised by Wardens and also provided with round the clock security. Internet facility is available in Hostel rooms.

Separate accommodation for Post Graduate students is also available.

Union Bank of India, ATM Centre, Discount Book Stores, Post Office and Telephone Exchange are available on the Campus.

Electrical Substation & Generator: HT supply from EPDCL is available.  In case of power failure, a 315 KVA generator is available, that provides 24 hours power supply to the campus.

Central Gas Supply: Central Gas supply is available for the laboratories and individual gas supply is available at service laboratories.

Canteen: Three Canteens are available in the campus that cater to the needs of the staff, students & patients in addition to Mess facilities in Hostels.